One thought on “IndieWeb Summit 2017 – Portland, Oregon

  1. @jackjamieson I just saw your profile pop up on the IW wiki and was excited to see someone else interested in WordPress related readers. There are a few others in the repository that you might want to be aware of including:
    * Orbital Feed Reader:
    * PressForward:
    * Edublogs: (They’ve got a built in (non-optional) feed reader plugin, but I believe it’s proprietary to their platform.)
    Though PressForward was built for a tangential use, I think it may be one of the most robust and fully featured in the group. I know it’s actively developed and would likely accept pull requests. I’ve written a bit about using it before here:
    I’m curious what your particular itches are in the area, especially if they include adding Woodwind-type interactions to a WordPress based indie reader? This may be one of the biggest pieces missing from the WordPress indie ecosystem.


    Also on:

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