Today is day 2 of @IndieWebCamp New Haven: Hack day.  My goal is to finish some work I’ve been doing to improve Yarns‘ UI.  If I have time after that I’ll work a bit on my website’s structure.  I’ll be hanging out most of the day on IRC and will be in and out of video chat at

Yesterday’s sessions were were really interesting. I especially liked talking books – recording of that chat is at

Tomorrow I’m giving an informal talk about Bridgy and the IndieWeb at the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre:

Thanks to @schnarfed for talking with me about Bridgy’s development

Bridgy is an IndieWeb tool for syndicating content between a personal website and platforms such as Twitter, GitHub, Flickr, and Instagram.  Until last year, it supported Facebook, but this feature was removed when Facebook tightened their API in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

I’ll be talking about how Bridgy navigated challenges working with Facebook’s API from 2014-2018. I’m interested in how Bridgy uses Facebook’s API in ways that Facebook’s operators may not expect. I see IndieWeb’s syndication strategy (see POSSE on as simultaneously antagonistic and dependent upon corporate platforms. By delving into this relationship, I’m trying to understand positive ways forward for building Internet tools that reflect their creator’s values. (In my case, I identify strongly with IndieWeb’s principles)

Event info:

Lunch and Learn with Jack Jamieson
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The Catalyst,80 Gould St. RCC 230,

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