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Here is a javascript bookmarklet that will save the current page to the Internet Archive. This opens a new window so you can continue browsing while it’s being archived.
Drag this link to your browser’s bookmarks: Internet Archive This!
Here’s the code for the bookmarklet if you prefer to copy/paste…

gRegorLove posted a handy javascript bookmarklet for quickly saving sites to the Internet Archive. Worth checking out here

Hekla Explores the Range of the Theremin on Debut (Pop Matters)

Stumbled onto this review of Hekla’s album Á and glad I did. I’ve always had a soft spot for Theremin, and Hekla’s compositions and performance are among the best I’ve ever heard. Beautiful album.

On her debut album, Icelandic musician Hekla Magnusdottir delivers a coup de force performance, navigating through neo-classical, ambient, and experimental electronic motifs with the theremin as guide.

The review: https://www.popmatters.com/hekla-explores-the-range-of-the-theremin-2599212321.html

The album: https://phantomlimblabel.bandcamp.com/album/-

#IndieWeb, Rights, Responsibility (and Some Russian)

I enjoyed Greg McVerry’s post about responsibility and the IndieWeb:

@ChrisaLdrich recently posted an article asking folks to define the #IndieWeb. As an educator it means more to me than just having a Domain or a blog. As a parent my exasperation with the current digital landscape has only grown. It isn’t that if we don’t act the web will be ruined for our children. It is more a crisis if we don’t act the web will may ruin our children.

#IndieWeb isn’t just right. It’s a responsibility. And If we ignore this responsibility we forgo our rights.

The Web is to essential in what Vygotsky called the perezhivanie involved in child development. Which Andy Blunden notes cannot be translated into English but describes it more than a “lived experience.” Blunden notes Vygotsky included the processing of “lived experience” in conjunction with the environment of the said experience. It is the whole process of life changing experiences some building over time and some in moments of crisis that have lasting effect.

We are now allowing the perezhivaniya of our children’s digital avatars to accumulate over time on spaces they do not own in places that do not make us happy. Below is a post I made to the XMCA listserv exploring this further.

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