I’ve Been thinking a lot about polarization these days. In light of growing left-right, urban-rural and other divides, I’m trying to better understand other perspectives. Really enjoyed this piece from CBC radio asking rural folks what city folks don’t understand about them:

We asked you to tell us what you think city-dwelling Canadians get wrong about rural life, and vice versa.

Source: What small town Canadians and big city Canadians don’t understand about each other – Home | The 180 with Jim Brown | CBC Radio

Is it more important to teach AI how the world works—or how we would like it to be? by Will Knight (MIT Technology Review)
Computers are inheriting gender bias implanted in language data sets—and not everyone thinks we should correct it.

Interesting article about gender bias in AI.  Algorithms that make decisions based on how the world is can exacerbate existing inequalities.